The Idea of

We would like to congratulate you for visiting our new site my team has built about 1 week ago. My name is Beatrice and I am the official manager of the site. I always wanted to create a website where I could talk about my favorite state – Iowa. I grew up in Cedar Rapids and I have traveled all across Iowa during my childhood, so this blog will be dedicated to talking about the best places you could go to for fun and work. I work in the roofing industry, so I will also dedicate some time to talk about business as well. I’ve started my roofing business when I was 20 years old. My father and his father were roofers as well, so I guess this is why I was so fascinated with construction – I grew up around it.

The website still needs a lot of work and we are going to hire an agency to make it pretty. The timeframe will be around 1-3 weeks, but I am going to work very hard to get this website launched as soon as possible.

Also, I will be creating social media accounts for this website so that you guys could have direct access to me and my team in case you’ll want to connect. I want to develop a strong relationship with all the people that will be using this website because I want to share my travel and work experiences with people who are also interested in achieving this lifestyle.

Now, as far as business goes, the main topics we will cover are going to be related to construction, residential and commercial roofing work and even advice on how to start your own small roofing business – I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years now so I know about all of the ups and downs.